Sushi Tei

We went to Sushi Tei last night, it is a Japanese restaurant in quite an impressive building down on Sunset road. It was my son’s birthday and so we decided to treat ourselves. We arrived at around 7.30pm, which is clearly peak dinner hour, as we had to wait to be seated. I am not one to book anything, I always think I should be able to find a table anywhere. However, this is becoming less and less the case in the better restaurants in Bali these days.So, piece of advice from me, book ahead! Anyway, it was not so bad, we did not have to wait long, and when we did get in, we got a table right next to the revolving food.

This was an experience in itself, food just keeps coming round, and you can take whatever you want. I am not sure how the billing works, I think the plates are color coded, as our bill had several colors listed! Anyway, we helped ourselves to various plates of sushi rolls, as well as Sashimi as they came past, and also ordered a few dishes from the menu. For drinks, we had various flavored teas, and as  I have never tried Sake, we decided to try a small bottle. It was interesting, but I do not think I would order it again. Not really my taste.

We even got a Japanese style sushi birthday cake! Everything was served very promptly and we all felt very satisfied at the end. For a family of 5 the bill came to AUS$100 which is really not a bad deal. I would highly recommend going, especially for a special occasion, just do not forget to book!

3 thoughts on “Sushi Tei

  1. Glad you had a great time! That would be a interesting experience, having revolving food! Don’t know if they have anything like that in the States here. I will admit I was brave and tried sushi when I turned 40 and have to say I did not care for it at all. But maybe I just didn’t have the right kind 🙂 It was the texture that got to me.

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