Natural lines

Bali is well known for its terraced rice fields, they are absolutely fascinating, in that they are so well constructed, to ensure that every single patch is able to access water. At times, the city water system is redirected to these fields in order to make sure the rice will grow undeterred. Unfortunately, more and more rice fields are being sold off to make way for new buildings. It is so short sighted as there is now not enough rice being grown in Bali to feed the people here, and rice is having to be imported in.

Thankfully there is one particular area near our village that has been protected against any building, and the rice fields are preserved for now. It is the most beautiful view on the island, and inspires hope that at least some of the natural elements will remain, and not all disappear under a sea of hotels and restaurants

These are my favorite natural lines and they can be found in Jatih Luwih:

muddy fields

6 thoughts on “Natural lines

  1. It seems that too many times industry and construction are coming in and taking the basic needs of our people. People want the building but don’t have the foresight of the losses such as this. Beautiful photo.


  2. What a great example of leading lines. It was terrific that you were able to make the image while the reflections and shadows were so visible. It’s such a shame that with development comes destruction of so much of the natural environment,

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