Urab Bali

I love vegetables, and this is one my all time favorite Balinese vegetable dishes. It is very easy to prepare and is great by itself, or served with rice, and a meat dish. The vegetables you use can be interchanged with any kind of vegetable that you like. This is the traditional recipe:

Makes 4 portions:

vegetables:                                                   Spices:

grated coconut      100 gr                             red shallots                  50 gr

Cabbage               200 gr                              garlic                            40 gr

spinach                 200gr                               green chilli                     30 gr

french beans        200 gr                              shrimp paste                  5 gr

bean sprouts        200 gr                              salt                                 5 gr


Chop all the vegetables and boil them in a pot for a few minutes until they are al dente . while the vegetables are boiling, fry all the spices together, and mix in the grated coconut. Once the vegetables are cooked to your liking, drain the water, and toss the vegetables in the spices and add a squeeze of lime. The urab is ready to be served.

This is a very simple recipe ,and it tastes delicious. Let me know what you think, and what vegetables you find work well.

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