A sad end to a strange tale

Angeline has been found, dead, buried in a white cloth, with her barbie doll beside her. Her shallow grave was right in her step mother’s backyard, under a palm tree, in among the chicken coops. Having been denied access to search the property, the police waited until the step mother was out shopping and forced their way in.  They were suspicious of a pungent smell and new earth in a certain spot, and when they started digging, they unearthed Angeline’s body. It was already decomposing as it had been in the ground for almost a month.

Seven people have been arrested in connection with the murder, Margareth, her step mother, her 2 daughters, the security guard, maid and two people that were renting a room at the house. The newspapers are full of stories today, where the maid has confessed to the murder. He admits to sexually assaulting her, and burning her with cigarettes  before killing her. He also admits that he was sexually assaulting her on a daily basis running up to her murder. Even though Margareth is claiming to know nothing, the maid insists she knew.

Teachers from Angeline’s school came to pay their respects at her home, and were in tears as they remembered what a good student she had been. They did say that she often came to school dirty and smelly, and that the teacher herself gave her showers and food.

It is clear that Angeline was not well cared for, and that she suffered under violent hands. Just who dealt the final blow is still unclear, but it seems that many people were involved in making her life a misery. The paranormal had been right all along, she was still in the area of her house, being cared for by the spirits. The superstitious side of the Indonesians shows through, as the maid describes why he buried Angeline with her doll “Agus mengaku mengubur boneka di samping Angeline agar arwahnya tidak gentayangan,” terang Hana saat dihubungi, Kamis (11/6/2015). (Agus says he buried the doll next to Angeline so that her soul would not haunt him”)

Such a tragic story, and a terrible way to die. Lets hope she is at peace now in heaven.

19 thoughts on “A sad end to a strange tale

  1. This darling little angel no longer being tortured. Her innocence taken, now the Angels will love her the way she deserved to be loved..Rest in Peace little one. Children are the hope and beauty of this earth, they should be cherished.
    ” The perpetrators need to be treated with same disrespect they gave little Angeline.”
    Firing squad before the gates of hell……

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  2. oh poor poor baby.. no one deserves so much pain and so was just a little child. I wish God give heart to such people. its inhuman, at lose of words tearing at the thought of what poor soul had to bear:(

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  3. Such a sad ending, but not wholly surprising. Poor child had such a short, tragic little life. It’s unbearable to think of it, when you imagine your own children, your children’s friends. Sorry, Mary, can’t ‘like’ this post. Such awful news

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  4. This is terrible. Where I teach (students around 10-12 years old) they have made a concentrated effort to tell us that as a teacher if you suspect abuse and do not report it, you can be held criminally liable as part of this horrible cycle. My heart goes out to that little soul and I hope she has at last found peace.

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