Should You Boycott Bali?

The term Boycott Bali is being bandied around Facebook right now, in reaction to the execution of 8 death row convicts, and in particular the 2 Bali 9 ring leaders. I am having a hard time trying to understand the reasons behind this knee jerk reaction. So lets clarify who should Boycott Bali:

1. Drug smugglers. If you are a drug smuggler, and planning to bring drugs through Bali, then I highly suggest you boycott Bali. If you make the choice to still come here, after what has happened, then more fool you. Please look carefully at the photo of the sign that you will pass when you enter:

death penalty

This sign states very clearly what will happen if you bring drugs here, you cannot say you were not warned.

2. Murderers.  You should also boycott Bali. If you plan to come here, kill your mother, and stuff her in a suitcase, think again. You will get caught and end up in one of the worst prisons in the world.

3. Pedophiles. The Balinese love children, and do not appreciate anyone messing with them, so please boycott Bali.

4. Thieves. Also, not really appreciated here, and if caught, you may not make it to prison as the local community may deal with you first.

But, if you are someone who is looking for a place to visit, where you can relax in the sun, meet wonderful people and learn about a new culture, then you are welcome. If you are a law abiding citizen that respects the laws of the country you are visiting, there is no need to boycott Bali.

Indonesia is a large country, that consists of thousands of islands, of which, Bali is only one. The laws are not created in Bali. The head of the Kerobokan prison even put his neck on the line by speaking up for the two Bali 9 guys. The Balinese people had nothing to do with the executions. They should not be punished for this. The majority of the Balinese people rely on tourism to support their families, and by boycotting Bali you will be hurting the wrong people.

So should you boycott Bali? Check the list above, and if you do not fit in the first four categories, then I see no reason for you to do so. Of course, you are free to make your own decision, but just make sure you are boycotting for the right reasons, and not just to follow the crowd.

11 thoughts on “Should You Boycott Bali?

  1. I always fail to understand boycotting movements. Why should many suffer for the actions of a few, especially when boycotting is done for the stupid reason of just fitting in with the crowd. I hope the Balinese people do not get hurt by this, because just from reading your blog posts, it seems like such a warm and wonderful place to be.

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  2. Good points… Still… I struggle with the actions of the government… I guess that is the reason as well. But then if you boycott a country because of the death penalty, you would have to boycott the U.S. too… Something many forget…

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  3. Only boofheads with no understanding of the mayhem impacting on people preyed upon by drug dealers and the like would consider boycotting a country that takes a firm stand against drug couriers, dealers and suppliers. I may not be a supporter of the death penalty but I strongly support the Indonesian Government in standing firm in the face of well meaning but misdirected criticism.

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  4. Well said Mary as i tell people here in aus that unless you have visited Bali and understand the culture there and not just there for the night life. They might have a better understanding of what the island is like and the people that live there. And the only people that are on the boycott bandwagon are the only ones that havn’t been there..

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  5. Ain’t no way I’m going to stop going to Bali… back in October for three weeks……drugs kill innocent people 2……don’t become a mule…..


  6. The point is not that you are being warned. The point is that Indonesia law supports the death penalty. Drug traffickers should be punished, even severely. No question about that. However a civilised country should not hand out death penalties. We should all condemn the death penalty, no matter in what part if the world. In Saudi Arabia the death penalty is by beheading. Should such a penalty be carried out even though you are “warned”? I am against the death penalty, no matter where it is being the law. Another question is, is the death penalty a deterrent. I don’t think it is, look at America where criminals are being gassed, electrocuted, lethal injections and in one state even by firing squad.
    Should we boycott Bali. No because ordinary peoples living is being effected. Better to sanction high ranking government officials.


    • No, the death penalty has proved to NOT be a deterrent, it’s a barbaric practice, and I do not agree with it at all. However, it is still practice here, and as such, we need to make sure we do not break any laws that will lead to that kind of punishment


  7. I wonder who really understands the culture in Bali, is anyone aware that children belong to their fathers in Bali, so if there is a marriage breakup, the kids stay with there father and his family, and may not even see their mothers and the fathers arent necessarily the care givers anyway as majority go away to work


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