Melasti Day

It is Melasti day in Bali today, where all the Balinese dress in white and parade to the nearest beach. They bring with them their religious symbols from the temple, to be blessed in the ocean. The people will also wash themselves, to wash away any sins, and purify themselves before the Balinese new year, (Nyepi). In the same way that we start a new year with resolutions, the Balinese need to start their new year with a clean soul. The celebrations continue for the next 2 days, culminating with the Ogoh Ogoh parade on Friday night. The whole island will then be silent for 24 hours, from dawn on Saturday until dawn on Sunday, to cleanse the island of any bad spirits. Everyone will stay at home, the streets will be deserted, and no lights will be used. It is a wonderful idea, and one that the rest of the world could learn from. We all need to slow down and be quiet for at least one day a year!