One split second

One split second can change your life forever……

As he jumped in the water, full of the joys of life, giving a shout of glee, he felt on top of the world. Little did he know that everything was about to change and throw his whole life upside down.

It was spring break, and Tom and his friends had been looking forward to getting away, for a well earned holiday after all the rehearsals and performances. They were students at a well known dance school, and they lived and breathed dance, but this holiday was to be all about relaxing and hanging out together.

The time had gone too fast, and it was the last day. They had packed their bags, and were just killing time until they had to go to the airport to catch their flight back. Rather than just sitting around , they decided to go for a stroll along the water. They were laughing and joking, and while the others were chatting, Tom stripped off his shirt and took a huge leap in to the water.

It only took a second, but Tom hit the water with a splash, and dove deep.Unbeknownst to him, the water was too shallow for such a deep dive, and his head hit the bottom, knocking him unconscious. His friends turned around from chatting to find him floating to the surface. They jumped in and dragged him to the edge, panicking the whole time.

The rest was a blur, but he woke up in hospital unable to feel his legs. He had broken his neck, and was paralyzed.

In one split second, he had gone from promising dancer to paraplegic.

We never know what life is going to throw at us, but everything happens for a reason. We can fall in to a depression, or we can make the most of what we have been given. This is actually based on a true story, and with determination, and a great deal of support, Tom actually managed to learn how to walk again. I do not know if he will be able to dance, but judging by what he has achieved so far, I believe anything is possible.

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