Things I love about Bali

I arrived in Bali over 20 years ago, which seems like such a long time, but it has gone by in a flash. I fell in love within days, both with the place and with a special man that I met. Twenty years later, and the love affair still continues. Sometimes I get bogged down in the day to day grind, but when I lift my head up and look around, I am still bowled over by the beauty all around me. So here is a list of what I love about Bali:

1.The weather: It is sunny every single day of the year, and I love it! I can wear sun dresses and flip flops all the time, and never feel cold. Coming from England, this is a very big deal!

2.The beaches: The beaches here are some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen. I love the ocean, and can lose myself for hours just gazing out to sea.20160225_174531











3. The sunsets: We also have some of the best sunsets, just check this out20160223_184438

4. The rice fields: I never tire of looking at these works of art, designed hundreds of years ago, to make sure the water flowed to every single padicropped-rice-fields6.jpg





5. The temples: Bali is known as the island of the gods, and there certainly are shrines everywhere. I love taking time each day to pray at our own little temple, and to join in the big village ceremonies when everyone comes out in thier finest clothes610160_1680_948

6. The people: the Balinese are wonderfully patient, kind and generally very happy. You will always be greeted with a smile wherever you goman and cock 2

7. The mystique: Spirtualism and magic play a very important role in every part of Balinese life. The people are very superstitious, and everyone has their own tale of ghosts, spirits black magic and even fireballs fighting in the skybali superstitions

8. The food: the Balinese food is so full of flavor, and so nose streamingly spicy!!ayam-betutu (1)

9.The adventure:There is so much to do, from white water rafting, riding on elephants, climbing mountains, running with the hashers and dancing salsa on the beachtrekking

10. My family: This is the most important reason why I love Bali they mean everything to me, and make my life wholefamily 2



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