I write because…

I have not blogged in many many months. The reason I started this blog was because I had so much to say about Bali, the place I live and love. I started so well, I was gaining inspiration day by day, finding stories in the smallest details. I really enjoyed the support I was getting from the blogging community and I met some wonderful people. Then, I went back to England, and had a wonderful month with my family and friends, but somehow it changed me. I came back to Bali in a fog of confusion, and perhaps I am still in it. I do not know what happened, or why, but I lost that passion and drive. I felt lost, and could not find my feet. I have been floating ever since.

I tried to shake things up, thinking I needed a change, so I decided to knock down my house and start again, believing by rebuilding my house somehow I could rebuild my life. It is quite a metaphor, and quite a huge step to take! We are 9 months in to rebuilding, and have hit another block..no more money. Its a frustrating place to be in, my dreams of a perfect house are not materializing. We have a structure, but no interior design. A shell, with no heart. Again rather symbolic I feel, but in some ways I have come full circle and maybe this has kick-started me in to writing again..and here I get to the point of this post

I write because it is therapeutic, I had no idea what would come out when I sat down and opened this page, but I am enjoying the process. I need to write, as I need to figure things out, it is an outlet for me to be my true self. Perhaps that’s why I have not been able to write, as I have lost sight of who that is, but now I realize, that is exactly why I should be writing!

So I am looking forward to following this course, hopefully I will find my voice again and get back in to the one thing I really enjoy..writinghouse broken

10 thoughts on “I write because…

  1. So nice to hear from you again, I have missed my blogging friends. Do not worry, I am still the same, just needed to shake things up a bit. I think it could be a form of mid life crisis!


  2. I’m taking this course (as you know 🙂 thanks for stoping by ) and I can promise you it will help you a lot.
    About what you wrote, I lived away from family for 15 years, and everytime I visted them, I would come back home with the feeling you mention… I think going between “homes” confuses us… You know what I mean?
    Best of luck and welcome back to the blog cloud!


    • yes, that is exactly it, and add to that the fact that my two worlds do not mix well, it makes it even harder. Thanks for the welcome, I am really enjoying being back in the blogosphere!


  3. AWW! Love the honesty in your post! Hoping the best for you as you start over with your house and as you find your voice again in writing. I am the same, I write for its so therapeutic for me! Helps me gather my thoughts and express them in a way I feel comfortable doing. Looking forward to seeing more posts by you.

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