Appreciate the little things

“Look at what you’ve got, and make the best of it. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”-proverb.

This was written on a tiny piece of paper and handed to me with my cafe latte, and as I looked out at the setting sun I realized these were very wise words. Life is what you make it. Approach it with anger, you will receive anger back, but greet each day with a smile, and you will be amazed by the joy you will get back. Appreciate the little things; a great cup of coffee, a child’s laughter, and a wonderful sunset.

I live in paradise, I have 3 wonderful children and a loving husband, and I am about to leave for a month long trip back to England to visit my family. I feel blessed and full of abundance. Thank you world, from the bottom of my heart, and may there be many more beautiful sunsets in my future.

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