The Benefits of Tjokolate

this is a wonderful tale of visiting a healer in Ubud

Healing Pilgrim

Since I arrived in Ubud nearly one year ago, many people have recommended an assortment of healers to me. The name of one balian/shaman (Balinese traditional healer) came up many times: Tjokorda Rai. I read about him, heard many stories about him, met his friends (especially foreigners who raved) but still hemmed and hawed about seeing him; I was wary about the post-EPL (Eat, Pray, Love) effect, wherein healers had rapidly morphed into minor celebrities, included on the checklists of many a single woman’s trip to Bali. So over many months, I vacillated.

But then, B texted me out of the blue a couple of days ago – right in the midst of my gloom  – to say she was going to see Pak Rai. I asked if I could go along. Sorry no, she replied, Made is driving me by motorbike. Oh well. But…

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2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Tjokolate

  1. I sent an email to your hotmail account but not sure if that is still available. Would truly and sincerely appreciate you contacting me in regards to seeing the 2 healers you seen in Bali. I’m going in a month and would love to go. I certainly fit the criteria.


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