Weddings in Bali

Bali is a popular choice when it comes to getting married. The beautiful beaches and resorts provide the perfect backdrop to an idyllic romantic wedding.

In fact, it is so popular, I was invited to two weddings this weekend alone! Each one was beautiful, but also quite different. The first was between an Australian man, and an Indonesian woman. They chose to follow her religion, and have their marriage blessed in a Buddhist chapel here in Bali. Once the ceremony was over, they continued on to Nusa Dua Beach resort for the reception.

The hotel is a vast five star property, that is one of the oldest hotels on the island. The staff provided a beautiful set up with white table cloths and golden bows on the backs of the chairs. There were white lanterns hanging between the trees, and golden fairy lights wrapped around the trunks of the trees themselves. The reception started just before sunset, and as the sun went down, the setting become more and more intimate and romantic. The hotel provided a wonderful buffet dinner, including various salads and hot dishes to please all tastes. There was a very talented band that played slow, romantic music, to suit the setting.

wedding tables weding food

The bride looked like a princess, and the setting was like a fairy tale. I even turned to my husband and asked if we could renew our vows! There is something about weddings that gets me all gooey!

The second wedding was on Sanur beach, and was a much simpler affair, but still beautiful. The couple were both from Australia, and had a Christian priest to perform the vows. A makeshift altar had been erected on the beach, with a beautiful heart made of petals in front:

heart flower wedding altar

It had been raining all the night before, but it stayed dry for the wedding, if a little windy. After the short service, we sat down and ate together, and listened to the band, playing more romantic songs!

If you are looking for a simple, romantic wedding, with very little fuss, and at a fraction of the cost of weddings in the west, I would highly recommend coming to Bali. Whether you want the fairy tale, or just a simple affair, its all available, and done with such grace and beauty, you can’t help enjoying the ride.

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