Child abductions

Two weeks ago, an 8 year old girl went missing from outside her house, and has yet to be found. A Facebook page has been set up to help find her, and it is all over the news. Her name is Angeline and she was living with her step mother, in Sanur, South Bali.

From reading the news reports, it seems more focus has been on what kind of mother her step mother was, and the condition of the house that they live in. A representative from child protection services has even stated that he would not allow Angeline to go back to live with her step mother, even if she is found.Does he have that right? Why are they being so hard on her, and not considering there may be a worse criminal out there that has abducted this child?

There are a few things that do not make sense in the scenario, for example, it is claimed that Angeline was playing in her garden, and the step mother was inside the house, when she disappeared. Seeing the house on TV, this seems hard to understand. The house is full of dogs, and chickens, that made a lot of noise when the TV reporters came, and by association would also have alerted the step mother if an abductor had come in.

The house is secured with a large wooden gate, that even the step mother found hard to close. How could Angeline have gone outside, without being spotted? That being said, anything is possible, and we have to keep our minds open to any scenario, and the press are not helping the situation by giving the step mother a hard time.

While browsing Facebook today, I came across a social experiment conducted by Joey Salads, where he demonstrates just how easy it is to lure children in to an ice cream truck. These children are around the same age as Angeline, and should know better than to get in to a truck with a stranger, yet all but one do just that. Our children are extremely vulnerable and we need to keep them safe.

Please, if you are in Bali, keep an eye out for Angeline, and pray that she is brought home safely. Visit the Facebook page Find Angeline – Bali’s Missing Child for more details

update on June 10 2015 : Angeline was found, dead, in her own back yard,  buried under the chicken coops. Her step mother is under suspicion of murder. Such a sad ending to a strange tale

16 thoughts on “Child abductions

  1. Oh my… I hope they will find her… and these experiments are really scary… Yes, they should know better. I have to say that I think that my kids would be good. But then, you unfortunately never really know…

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    • I like to think my kids would be good too, but it was scary to watch those children in the video blindly following that man. I have drummed it in to my daughter’s head, and showed her the video, so hopefully she would think twice

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      • Absolutely… Have you seen the one with the puppy on the playground??? I actually made both my kids over and watch it with me. I stopped before the kids reacted and asked my daughter what she would do now. She said: I would say “No!” and then run away and get someone. Made me feel better…

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      • Absolutely! And it’s so much “more efficient”. With the puppy he has to get them to walk away with him, so there are still chances. But once they are in the truck it’s too late

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  2. I came across this news on FB, poor little kid and I’m sure it’ll be devastating for parents as well. My heart goes for her, I really wish she find her way home, and stay safe

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  3. These occurrences are distressing for all concerned, particularly parents and carers, no matter what their circumstances are. Every hour gone increases the risk of a nasty outcome. I just hope it’s a case of a lost child who turns up as if nothing has happened and not an abduction.

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