Noah and his Ark

what an amazing woman!

Bali Soul Journals

Every now and then, meeting someone causes me to pause, to check in with my soul and make sure that I truly am living a life of purpose. Last night, Dr Francine Neogo was one of those people. At 85 years of age, tears rolled down her face as she described a life of working with orangutans in Indonesia. Her nature reminded me of Dr Jane Goodall – humble, shy and more than likely happier with her primates than people.

Dr Francine has never sought publicity. Indeed, Dr Jane is not a real fan of it either, except that it serves an incredibly important purpose. Which is why I am going to ask you one thing. Share this post. Spread it far and wide. Before I do that, let me try to convince you of why it is important.

Dr Francine met her first orangutan in 1963. It sat with…

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