A visit from the Brotherhood

Agus is a member of the Indonesian branch of the Brotherhood motorcycle club. I never really understood the need to be part of a group, and did not know what this motorbike group was all about. Yesterday about 20 representatives from the club came to pay their respects to us on the passing of Agus’ father, and I got a bit of an insight in to these people. Our village is totally off the beaten track, with just a dirt road running through it. At most, we have 2 cars and a few motorbikes each day. We can hear the birds, and see the stars. There is absolutely no pollution, and it is eerily quiet. We had spent the previous day in a whirl of incense smoke, bell ringing and praying, and we were exhausted.

The brotherhood  arrived at lunchtime the next day, a rumble of engines that had never been heard to that degree in this quiet corner. The guys were all dressed in black and red, the uniform of the club, some had beards and tattoos. The villagers all came out of their houses to take a look, and didn’t know what to think!

However menacing they looked on the outside,  they were incredibly polite and gentle on the inside. They showed genuine concern for Agus and wanted to pay their respects. We all ate together, and exchanged stories and jokes. They even went for a dip in our pool (unfortunately its just a big muddy hole right now!!) There was a real sense of camaraderie and that they all protect each others backs. We really appreciated the fact they took the time to show their support for our family.

Later that night, I looked up the club on the internet and found this description: A family of Brother bikers that no matter what it was they would be there for each other. If one was troubled they all were there to help find the answer and to solve it. No need to look over your shoulder to see if your Brothers are there, They will be there. I think that sums it all up pretty well.

6 thoughts on “A visit from the Brotherhood

  1. Where I live it is currently our annual Harley-Davidson Bike Week, and we have around 50,000 bikers in town. They are from all different areas, and some are in different motorcycle clubs. They are all friendly, fun, and they happily spend a ton of money in our town. No judgements from me!

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  2. There is a vast difference between bikers and motorcyclists. The former see themselves as 1percenters, ie., beyond and above the law, the latter just love their bikes and the comraderie that goes with it. I belong to a couple of motorcycle clubs and we are family oriented but by the look of us you’d never guess it. Much like your Brotherhood boys. Sounds pretty good to me and your man must have gained great comfort from their visit.

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