Bali Spa Experience

One of my favorite things to do on a day off is to visit a spa. In England, this was just not possible, as it would cost way too much, but here in Bali it is extremely affordable, and done so well!

My daughter and I had the day off school and work yesterday, so we headed to our nearest spa for a treatment. Bali has so many spas, salons and massage parlors, catering to all budgets. The one we go to is very close to where we live, and is very affordable and well kept. It is called “My spa” and I love referring to it like that, as if it was my own personal spa!!

Just walking through the doors transports us to another world, one where everyone speaks in whispers, and there is very gentle background music. We are escorted to a waiting room, and given a small glass of drink. I have no idea what it is, but it is the most refreshing thing I have ever tasted. We are there just long enough to drink our beverage, and are then greeted by our therapists.

We are taken upstairs, to a room with 2 massage beds, mood lighting, and a shower and bath in the corner:

spa 4

We undress, and lay face down on the bed, with our faces resting on an open face rest, looking down to a bowl of flowers:

spa 5

The scent from this bowl wafts up in to my nostrils, and adds to the relaxing ambiance. The therapists start laying their hands on us, and we are in heaven! Their fingers work magic all over my body, getting in to all my tired muscles, and working out all the knots. Some parts of my body feel a little uncomfortable, but once worked, feel as light as air. They use orange oil to help penetrate in to the skin, and we are left feeling soft and fragrant.

The massage we had was a traditional Balinese deep tissue massage, and I highly recommend it to anyone with sore or tired muscles. Other options include hot stone massage, which is great if you are coming down with a cold, or my favorite treat is a Mandi Lulur.

A Mandi lulur starts with a deep tissue massage for one hour, then a 15 minute steam, followed by a full body scrub, to eliminate dead skin cells, and then rounded off with a milk solution spread over your skin to make it feel smooth. All this is washed off in a bath filled with flowers. When its all finished, you feel like a sweet smelling princess! This is a treatment often given to brides on the night before their wedding, to make them ready for their big day.

Whatever treatment you choose, you will come out feeling absolutely pampered, and all for a ridiculously low price! So what are you waiting for? Off you go!

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