Dengue Fever

After losing her head, she realized the rest of her body was falling apart….

She had been driving herself crazy, worrying about her teenage son. He had been skipping school, and making up lies about everything. Her little boy was changing before her eyes, and she felt powerless. For a control freak, this was making her head spin. She could not stop crying, and was not sleeping at all. It did not take long for the stress to take its toll on her body. Her joints started aching, and every move became unbearable.

The dreaded dengue fever had seized the opportunity while she was weak, and had invaded her body. There was nothing more she could do, but release control and allow the disease to run its course. There is no cure, just rest and hydration, and of course, try and stop worrying!


This was written in response to Mondays Finish the Story‘s prompt

14 thoughts on “Dengue Fever

  1. Is this a personal story about getting dengue? I have been sitting in hospital since the weekend with my mum as she has contracted dengue. Crazy! Hope that you’re doing well 🙂


    • yes I have had dengue 3 times now. This story was 5 years ago, when I got the Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF), which is the most dangerous type. It was a scary time. Since then I have learned to stop trying to control everything and not get stressed, as it literally makes me sick

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      • Wow, that sounds very intense and scary! Yes sometimes we just have to let go of the things we can’t control and hope that everything works out on its own…

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