My Mean Neighbour

For once, the sun was shining, so I was sitting out on the front step of our house, enjoying the warmth on my body. As I sat there, I looked down the length of the street. Surprise surprise, absolutely nothing was going on. Not a whisper, not a person in sight, nor even any cars passing. This town is so damn boring! Nothing ever happens here. Why did we have to move to this dump?

I had been so happy in Marlborough, we had lived there all my life, and we had the perfect set up, everyone knew each other, and I had friends all over town. But we had to move, because my dad got fired from his job. I was so angry with him for that! Why did he have to be so stubborn. My parents wanted to get out as soon as possible, so they moved first, but I stayed behind, to finish the school year. I stayed with various friends, and had such a great time, I missed my parents, but I had  my first experience of freedom, and it tasted so good!

But, the school year had ended, and along with it my freedom. So here I was, in this god awful town, bored out of my brain. I don’t have any friends, and don’t even know where to go to meet any. The neighbors are not friendly at all, not like they were in Marlborough. Here, everyone keeps themselves to themselves. Everyone, that is, except mean old Mrs. Pauley.

My mum warned me about her when I first arrived. She had been really mean when my mum had gone over to introduce herself. She has lived in the street for years, and thinks she owns it. She walks around like she is the queen. She is tall, and thin, and was probably beautiful when she was younger, but now she is just old. She speaks with a clipped upper class accent, like the queen, but it does not sound right, like she is forcing it or something. She probably comes from lower class, and is trying to be upper class. She always looks down her nose at everyone, pursing her lips tightly,and flaring her nostrils like we smell bad .

Her husband seemed like a nice man, not that she let him talk to us, but he would sneak a smile to me when she was not looking. He was shorter than her, and seemed to grow smaller by the day, until one day he just ceased to exist. I don’t know how he died, but my guess is he was fed up with living with her! He did not have the guts to move away like his sons did. He probably really envied them for escaping her clutches!

So anyway, there I was, sitting on the step, soaking up the sun, minding my own business, when suddenly, a police car came out of nowhere, and pulled up outside Mrs. Pauley’s house. Three men stepped out of the car, and walked up to her front door. They rang the bell and waited. Mrs Pauley opened the door, with that haughty look on her face, which fell bit by bit as the men talked. She did not say much, I tried to overhear what they were saying, but I just could not make anything out. She did not invite them in, and was blocking the doorway with her body. Her body language was very stiff, and she was not as assured as she usually was.

Finally, the men turned to go, and as they did, I heard them say

“You have a week to move out or here. If you are still here when we come back, we will force you out”

Mrs Pauley looked over at me, and sneered, as I looked her in the eye with a sweet smile on my face

“Ha!! Serves you right, you old meany!!”

9 thoughts on “My Mean Neighbour

  1. I enjoyed your character description, especially “She always looks down her nose at everyone, pursing her lips tightly,and flaring her nostrils like we smell bad .” We’ve all, well, at least me, have known such people.


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