Dear Earthquake,

Thank you for visiting us yesterday, and not being too angry. I guess something was bothering you and you wanted to remind us of your presence. I understand we need to treat our earth with more respect, and you are right to remind us of your power.

However, I beg you to remember the children. They are still innocent and cannot defend themselves from your wrath. My children were particularly shaken after your visit yesterday. My daughter was in the bathroom when you came, and she felt extremely frightened. She is only young, and did not understand what was happening. All she knew was that the ground that she walks on every day was suddenly moving without explanation. Its a very unsettling feeling for a small child. She has not wanted to be alone in a room ever since, and did not sleep well last night.

The memories of your visit to Indonesia in 2004 and the deluge of water that followed are still fresh in our minds. The devastation that you wreaked was horrendous. Over 170,000 people were killed and over 500,000 left homeless. They are still rebuilding the area, and many lives will never be the same. We lived in terror for years following that visit, every tremor sparked fear and panic.

We had  just recently started to relax, enjoying life without any disturbances, and then you came back yesterday. Maybe you do not want us to become complacent. Is that your message? With Earth day coming up tomorrow, your timing is perfect!

I hope you do not feel the need to visit again anytime soon, but if you do, please try and be gentle

Yours Sincerely

A concerned citizen

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29 thoughts on “Earthquake!

  1. Eg: The word “only” has been used often which is bringing down the effect of communication between you and earthquake.
    “She is only young, and did not understand what was happening”, “We had only just started to relax”.


  2. Oh, there was an earthquake yesterday? I hope that you and the family are alright, Mary! Does that happen a lot in Bali? Great letter to Earthquake though! I hope nature continues to be gentle 🙂


  3. I can’t imagine having to live through these experiences. Your story was very touching and it makes me want to grab the children and keep them safe from these earthquake trembles. Nicely done!!


  4. This was a really great piece, as the way you wrote to the earthquake was very respectful, which I felt was the overall message of this blog post. Very good emotive language you have used which has aided this to very enjoyable.

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  5. I’m finding such diversity in this prompt. Yours, whether actually real, or a word picked from your book, felt so real. Wouldn’t it be great if it was so simple to communicate with those things which can bring us to rack and ruin? You did a lovely job and as someone mentioned above, you were very respectful! I’d find it difficult to be so benevolent. 🙂

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    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. The word earthquake truly was on page 29 of the book I am reading, and we do have a lot of earthquakes here. This is based on the last one we had, it was not yesterday, but the memory is still very strong.

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  6. You have a great way of expressing yourself. Many news reporters could learn from your descriptive style. By the way, I wouldn’t worry about the ‘only’ bit. If that’s the only issue individuals can find with your work, then you are only a tad away from fame. I only wish I could be as fluent with the English language as you. If only.

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