Making peanut sauce

I mentioned in my food glorious food post that I had learned how to make peanut sauce the traditional Indonesian way. Some of you have requested the recipe so here it is. There are more modern ways to make this now, like using a food processor to produce the paste, but here is the traditional way:

There are just a few ingredients needed, peanuts, chili, salt, lemon, garlic and sugar 

step one: fry the peanuts in coconut oil until they are soft

step two: take the peanuts out of the pan, and place them on a stone mortar, together with the garlic and chili, crush them all together with the pestle until they become a fine texture

 step three: squeeze lemon in water and add  sugar then add this liquid to the peanut mix,to make a soft paste, the amount you add will depend on how liquid you like it

step four:

Serve in a bowl, this can be used for a dip with raw or cooked  vegetables, tofu, sate or just about anything you like.


5 thoughts on “Making peanut sauce

  1. Thank you for sharing! My fiance loves anything with peanuts so this will come in handy! I did not think it was that simple though. Glad to know it’s within my cooking abilities.


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