Bedugul: A Place to Heal

“Bali is such a spiritual place, I think you should come here, it will help you heal”

They’d had such a draining few weeks, Lily was willing to try anything. Tom took a bit of convincing, he didn’t think it was right to go on holiday right now. At the same time, he had to admit that the thought of getting away was tempting. He’d been in such a fog, he needed to clear his head

So, they flew to Bali, and took a car straight to Bedugul, to a wonderful little hotel by the lake. It was so amazingly peaceful, and the weather was great, very mild, with a lovely breeze at all times of the day.
The hotel was set on a large plot of land, and there were paths interlacing the property that Lily and Tom would follow for their daily walks. Various wildlife lived here, including a mischievous monkey that would swing In the trees and come down to visit them during breakfast. It was idyllic, and Mary was right, it was just what they needed.
They were still grieving, and at this point, neither one could see a time when they wouldn’t be hurting inside. Tom was taking it particularly hard, and Lily hated herself for not being able to give him the one thing he wanted. A son. Luke had been so perfect, everything in the right place, no sign of a problem, he just wasn’t breathing. The doctors had tried, but there had been nothing they could do. Lily had held this beautiful new born in her  arms, and cried for the son she had lost. She had carried him inside her for 9 months, and it was so hard to have her dreams crushed.
She kept replaying the whole pregnancy through her mind, to see what she could have done to prevent this,but came up blank every time.
Tom had been so excited when he found out she was expecting. They had spent their spare time dreaming of the child inside her womb. Tom had longed to teach him to play his favorite sports, and take him traveling the world.
They had decorated the spare room and his mother had even knitted him a sweater. It had taken her months, and they weren’t even sure he would wear it, seeing as he was due in the summer time. Now he will wear it forever. It was his mother’s only wish
“Please bury him in the red sweater I made. I don’t want him to catch cold”
So they had laid him in that tiny coffin, dressed in the tiny red sweater and it was the hardest thing they had ever done.
But here they were in this peaceful setting, taking walks every day, and slowly coming to terms with their loss.

On the last day of their holiday, as they were walking their favorite route, hand in hand, lost in their own thoughts, they saw a bench up ahead. They were sure it had not been there before. Sitting on the bench was an old Balinese woman, with a pile of wool beside her. As they approached, she stood and held out the sweater that she had just finished making. She put it in to Tom’s hands. It was a tiny red sweater.
“This is for you” she said, and then she walked off and disappeared in the undergrowth.

Tom’s eyes were wet with tears as he turned to Lily.

“Its a sign, Luke wants us to know he’s ok”

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