Lost in Bali

Of all places to be lost, I guess Bali is not so bad. Ironically, I do not feel as lost here as I did in my home country. The locals like to believe that I actually am a reincarnation of a Balinese, and that this is my real home.  I don’t know about that, but I do feel more at home here than I have ever felt anywhere else.

Growing up in England, I never felt like I belonged, I felt so different to my friends, and was always searching for something more. I even created my own language, and used to talk to myself in the playgrounds, wanting the other kids to find me exotic. I think they probably just found me strange! I loved learning languages, and communicating with people from other countries, so it was quite a natural progression to start travelling as soon as I was old enough. The more I traveled, the more alive I started to feel, I loved exploring out of the way places, and talking to the people. Whenever I came home, I immediately started planning my next trip. I was insatiable.

As soon as I finished my studies, I left England, and headed for Thailand. I knew I would never be back to stay for any length of time. I perhaps did not make that clear to my parents, who always thought I would come home eventually. I did not look back, I felt no feelings of loss. I think those I left behind felt it more than I did. I was looking forward, planning my next adventure, being spontaneous. I barely spared a thought for those back home that were worried sick, and hanging out for any information I would give. I lived on remote islands, where there was only a few other people, and I could walk around the island in an hour. There was no way to communicate. and I was happy with that. I felt so free!

I kept moving, and meeting amazing people, I was able to be myself, and let go of my past. I did not feel lost, I felt I had found my way! Meeting my husband felt so right, and we moved in together straight away, much to the shock of all back home. I have continued to forge my own way over the years, and  have lost things along the way, but I know I made the right move, in order to avoid losing myself.

Coming up: releasing my British passport and embracing life as an Indonesian…stayed tuned

21 thoughts on “Lost in Bali

  1. I too caught the travel bug at a young age! And although I sometimes return home for a brief spell – I will be returning back to Australia to live there permanently with my partner of five years, who I met in New Zealand, at the end of this year! I love the quote – ‘I don’t travel to escape life – I travel so life doesn’t escape me’ (i’m not sure who said that though) Thank you for sharing! It was a lovely piece of writing! 🙂

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  2. Your site is beautiful as has your journey been too! You must always follow your dreams and live them…your dreams are your reality!! You have found the Holy Grail! Looking forward to reading more blogs!


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