welcome to my paradise

Bali is a paradise island, it has white sandy beaches, and beautiful terraced rice fields, and the most laid back people I have ever met. So, when choosing a song that is meaningful, the first one that springs to mind is “Welcome to My Paradise” by Steven Coconuttreez. This has become a form of anthem for me since I have moved here. I love reggae music,Β the regular beat, the dulcet tones of the singer, and the easy going nature of the music. The message in this song also sums up the reasons for my moving to Bali in the first place. He aptly describes the land where I came from, where “the seas are brown, the skies are thick and grey” and yearns to find his own place “where the skies are blue, where the sun shines so bright”. When I left England aged 24, I was on a mission to find a place where I could be myself, and have a relaxed, calm lifestyle, where the sun shines every day. I found my paradise in Bali, and I feel so blessed that I did!

My next song choice is “Somebody I used to know” by Gotye. I love the quirky video and his very unique voice. This song was in the charts during my last visit to the UK, so holds special memories of dancing around my brother’s kitchen with this song blaring on full volume. On a deeper level, the lyrics speak to me about past relationships that have soured to the point of ending up like strangers. I have had several breakups over the years, not just with lovers, but close friends too, and the feelings I was left with each time, second guessing myself and replaying scenarios in my mind are described so well here.

Finally, my third choice of song is “Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink, this is another one that I like to play on full volume and sing along at the top of lungs. This is a very intimate and personal song for her, and describes the struggles and communication issues she has faced with her husband. This rings so true to me, as men and women do communicate so differently, and then throw in there a difference of language, culture and background, and things get really interesting. What I like in this song is she is recognizing that there are problems, but not dismissing the relationship entirely, saying “we’re not broken, just bent”. Relationships take work, its a fact, and too many people walk away when the going gets tough, instead of working through their issues. My husband and I have had our fair share of problems, but I am glad that we have been able to work on them, and grow stronger together.

So there you go, three very different songs that sprang to mind when thinking about this prompt. There are many more that I love but these ring particularly true right now.

22 thoughts on “welcome to my paradise

  1. Great choices! I love Gotye and that song. It also holds a special memory for me because it reminds me of the time i lived in the Netherlands and one of my Dutch friends introduced me to Gotye just months before the song became huge. Made me feel like such a hipster.


  2. As a Balinese who has never lived in Bali I am envious of your experiences living there! Great song choices – Pink and Gotye were also top contenders for my list – and enjoyed reading the memories/thoughts you’ve linked to each song. Look forward to reading more of your stuff in the coming days!

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  3. Great choices. I wish I had thought of the Goyte song and I really like Pink’s lyric “we’re not broken just bent” as well.Wish I had thought about those songs.


    • There are so many songs out there! Those 3 sprang to mind immediately, but in a different time and space I would have chosen differently. I am loving listening to other people’s choices.


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