Treetops Bali

It was Easter Sunday yesterday, so we decided to take the kids for a day out. Bedugul is the place that Balinese love to escape to on their time off. The climate is cool, and the botanical gardens are absolutely stunning. It is quite a drive, taking almost 2 hours from Denpasar, but we put the music up and sang along, which made the time go quicker. The last half hour is a constant climb, and our ears were popping, the view was spectacular, with the mountains looming ahead of us, and on either side of the road rice terraces that go on for ever. I watched the lone farmers tilling their land, wandering what they think about as they work, or whether the work itself is enough to occupy their minds.

We arrived to find, sure enough, everyone had had the same idea to come here. There were cars lining the roads around the botanical gardens, but  we found a spot, and once out of the car, the expanse of the setting was still tranquil despite the crowds. This park is vast, and there is plenty of space for everyone to find thier own spot to enjoy. We saw a girl hidden in the trees,with her sketch pad, making a drawing of the landscape. It looked inviting, but we were there for the children, and they wanted to go play at Treetops.

Treetops is an adventure play ground, that is barely visible from the road. It consists of wires and nets strung between the trees, where children and adults alike can climb and swing in absolute safety, due to the harnesses that are provided. Everyone is given a very clear training on how to use the harness and clips, and then they are let loose in the trees. The children have been here many times, and absolutley love it. They had two hours to play, and that is plenty, as the trails are quite demanding, requiring arm strength, to pull yourself over the ropes. There are several trails, that vary in difficulty, the most challenging being the black, that includes a wonderfully long flying fox, and tarzan swing. It is great fun for all the family.

While the kids played, the adults set up a picnic under the trees, and enjoyed the view. The weather is much cooler than the south of Bali, and we loved the light breeze that kept us cool. The kids ate, and then ran around in the grass, making the most of the wide open spaces. They ran and ran until they dropped down and couldn’t run anymore. My daughter slept so well that night. Its well worth the long drive to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the fresh air.

people in trees trees treetops

2 thoughts on “Treetops Bali

  1. Ah I remember I did a wires course one time at a camp I was a counselor at and it was one of the most exciting things I’ve done. There is nothing like wind ripping through your hair as you fly through the canopy. Great post, brought back some great memories


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