Adventure activities with the kids

Sometimes its hard to keep teens amused while on holiday, but Bali has a great selection of activities, from surfing, water sports, and adventure activities.

I have two teenage boys and one preteen girl, and it is not always easy to find activities that they all enjoy. Last weekend, we went on a day out with one of the adventure tours and we had a fantastic time, it was a full day of fun and laughter. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, young or old, but especially families with boys.

The day started with a long drive, beyond Ubud almost to Kintamani, so we were grateful for the little bag of snacks and drinks provided.The origami pack was also a wonderful idea, as it kept my youngest daughter busy the whole journey. We passed by some beautiful scenery on the way up, of rice fields, and slow village life. The sun was shining the whole way, which helped keep up our spirits.
We arrived and were greeted with a welcome drink of tea or coffee, and once we had finished drinking, we were kitted out in life jackets and helmets for the canyon tubing. We were then bundled in to an open jeep to start the adventure. It was a bumpy ride to the river, and we had to hold on to the bars on the jeep to prevent us from falling out! This just added to the feeling of excitement, and the kids loved it. Once at the river, we crossed a swaying bridge and got to where the rubber boats were waiting. We each had our own boat, big enough for one person, or 2 if a parent with a small child. It is advised that children under 12 should be accompanied, either by a parent or one of the guides. My daughter went with a guide, and was very happy with the way he handled their boat.

It was a spectacular trip down the river, over rocks, down rapids,  just exciting enough to be fun, not enough to feel dangerous. The guides were very attentive, whenever I felt I was going down a rapid at the wrong angle, one of the guides would appear ready to help. 2 of my kids fell in, and were helped back in to their boats. My other child and I did not, but still got pretty wet. We even went down on a flying fox at one point, which just added to the fun!
At the end of the trip, we did not have to walk up a tonne of steps like other rafting places but instead were met by a quad bike ready to take us up the hill..much appreciated.
We were given towels to dry off, then lead to the buffet lunch, which was simple but enjoyable.

After lunch, we were given a briefing on the quad bike and buggies,and were then told to test drive them. I failed this test miserably, by going out of control, and almost tipping the bike over!  So it was decided I would be better off with a guide. The minimum age for riding the bikes is 16, so anyone under this age can either go with a parent, or one of the guides. This is where the dads can unleash their inner child, and really let loose, driving through mud. It was messy, but so much fun. Everyone was getting a huge kick out of it. I enjoyed being on the back, so I could take in the scenery of orange groves, cocoa plantations as well as bananas and many more besides. The guides are all local farmers supplementing their incomes by guiding, so my guide was very knowledgeable about all the plants. We even drove past his wife and child collecting leaves.
We arrived back elated,and covered in mud,ready for a good shower and change of clothes before heading home. What a wonderful way to spend a day with the family out in the real natural Bali, far away from the busy roads of the south.

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