Tattoos in Bali

Tattoos are one of my passions, it is an art form, and one that we get to carry around on our bodies for the rest of our lives. Remembering this, I strongly believe that you need to find an artist that can interpret exactly what you want, and create something that you will be proud to wear.

Bali is known for being cheap, and it is true the cost of living here is lower than most countries in the world. There are certain products that are made here, and can be bought for very low prices. Inexpensive clothing can be found everywhere you turn, and will last for a few wears before it falls apart. I agree you should not spend too much on that. But a tattoo? I think it should be more about the art than about the price.

You can find many tattoo studios willing to do cheap tattoos for you, but that what you want? Come on, your body must be worth more than that! When looking for the right tattoo studio, you need to make sure that it is following hygiene rules, sterilizing the equipment, and changing the needles every time. You also need to feel comfortable that the artist understands what you want, and can reproduce it to be even better than you imagined.

There are hundreds of tattoo studios on Kuta, it can be confusing deciding which one to choose. Do some research, ask your friends, and above all, go with your gut feeling. Check out the cleanliness, and talk to the artist. I will always recommend Tyas Tattoo, but of course, I am biased. But don’t take my word for it, come visit and see for yourself! hope to see you there…tyas tattoo new design tattoo tattoo 2 tattoo 3

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