Salsa in a Javanese Joglo

Last night, I had my salsa class in a wonderful, traditional style Joglo, situated in the rice fields, with the most beautiful view. I look forward to this weekly event, where I learn Cuban Salsa, with a very talented Indonesian lady. I had her all to myself last night, and we did all sorts of twists and turns until I felt quite dizzy with joy.

The setting for this class is in a very traditional Indonesian building, called a Joglo, this style is originally from Java, not Bali, but these old structures are able to have their memory preserved by being brought to Bali to sell. This road alone has many similar structures being used for offices, and restaurants. It is a very popular style of building these days, as it is a portable structure, that does not require a building permit. This means you can take it with you when ever your lease of the land expires. This is something to consider as it gets harder for foreigners to own land here.

This particular joglo has been transformed in to a restaurant, selling traditional Indonesian food. The food is beautifully served, and the view is spectacular. As the structure consists of only pillars holding up a roof, with no windows or doors, you feel as if you are at one with the nature around you. It is a very peaceful place to enjoy drinks at sunset, or a lunch time meal. They have live music once a week, free salsa classes every Sundayrice field from joglo entrance to joglo and a salsa party once a month. The staff are beautifully dressed in batik clothing, and offer a very understated service. I highly recommend a visit.

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