How I got here


   I was 23, fresh out of university,and decided I needed to see the world. I was not ready to settle down in to a  proper job, and get sucked in to the treadmill, and then realize 10 years down the line that I couldn’t get off. I wanted to keep my freedom, and have some interesting experiences. I did not have all that much money though, so I knew I would have to work as I traveled.

My parents took me to the airport, and we had a fairly non emotional goodbye. In their minds I would be back within a few months. I, however, was not so sure. My first stop was Bangkok, Thailand,where I got a job teaching English at a university. It was my first experience of living in a big city, and I found it all very overwhelming. I was trying to save money so was staying in the cheapest place I could find. It was rat infested, and…

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5 thoughts on “How I got here

  1. What amazing experiences and life you’ve led in Bali. you’ve clearly become part of the island and love it there. It looks so beautiful- your blog should definitely be promoted by the Balinese tourist board!
    Have you been home much since moving to Bali? Is there anything you miss that you can’t get there?
    A fascinating insight into the culture- lovely stuff 🙂


    • Hi, thanks for your kind words. I have not really thought about where this blog will lead me. I just wanted to start writing about my experiences. I have been here so long now, and seen and experienced so much. I have not been home much, just 3 times in 20 years! My daughter and I are actually headed back to the UK this summer, and are really excited. It’s been 3 years since our last visit

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      • I hope you enjoy your visit and the UK isn’t a disappointment for you- I suppose it will be pretty frantic/ polluted/ noisy/ overpopulated and all of the other things we complain about.
        Not complaining today, though- here in Bristol the weather is gorgeous, warm and sunny. Here’s hoping it’s the same when you visit


      • It’s never a disappointment, it’s always great to catch up with everyone, and enjoy the long summer evenings. We have a lot planned, and will be traveling to a few different places, including Bristol! My daughter is doing a ballet summer program for a week too, which is the main reason for going.

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      • Wow- small world. I hope she has a brilliant time. I know I’m biased, but it’s a great city- especially in the summer when there’s a lot of festivals and fairs. And you’ll see the Shaun the Sheep statues which are about to grace the city streets. (Also biased, as my other half works for Aardman who make Shaun 🙂 )

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