Expats in Bali

An expat is defined as a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of their citizenship. They come in many shapes and sizes in Bali, here are just a few of the categories:

1. Hippies:  these people came here years ago, when life in Bali was much simpler, and they embraced the lifestyle. Not sure if there are many of these left now.

2. Yoga fanatics: these can be found in abundance in Ubud, both young and old.

3. Healers: also in Ubud, specializing in all kinds of natural healing methods

3. Surfers: plenty of these all over the island, they know all about the weather and wave patterns.

4. Retirees: mostly in Sanur, managing to claim their pension and live in paradise. Why not?

5. Business owners: these come in many forms, from restaurant owners, to jewelry makers, and clothing producers.

And probably many many more that I have missed. So where do I fit in? I am really not sure, I have never fit a label, and am quite happy with that. I am not even sure I qualify as an expat, considering my citizenship is actually Indonesian. I can’t really blend in as an Indonesian either though, due to my blindingly white skin! So I am an anomaly, and that is ok. I can blend in when I want, and slide away when I don’t.  I am a free spirit that does not require a label.

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