Day before Nyepi

It’s the day before Nyepi, and everyone has been stocking up on food. It’s crazy really, it’s one day, but the way people are behaving you would think it  is at least a week. So we have our food supply, and bag of games to play, and we are ready for the day ahead. We went out this evening to the beach to see the sunset, watched the ogoh ogoh parade, and are now home, where we will stay for the next 30 hours. It’s a yearly tradition, where the whole of Bali shuts down for 24 hours, the airport and shipping ports are closed, there is no traffic on the roads. Everyone stays in their houses, quietly, with the lights off, meditating, or in our case, playing games quietly. It’s a time for reflection, and to bond as a family. I love it, and think he rest of the world could learn from this tradition. 

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