Bali nine

Living in Bali right now, you cannot escape the news about the two Bali nine boys that are on death row. Its been in the news every day for weeks and there are heated discussions on the Bali forums on facebook. I do not really want to get dragged in to a debate on this, so I won’t say much.

I do not agree with using the death penalty, I do not believe that we have the right to take other’s lives, and I do believe people can change and deserve a second chance. These two boys were very young when they committed their crime, and they made a very stupid mistake. Since being in jail, they seem to have reformed, and are genuinely repentant of their sins.

However, when you come to Indonesia, it is made very clear what the country’s stance is when it comes to drug trafficking. They knew the risks they were taking, and now they are paying the price. The president of Indonesia is in a very difficult position. As a human, I am sure he does not agree with killing. However, as the leader of this country, he has to be seen to upholding the values of the country, as well as the laws. Indonesian people are very proud, and do not like to be told what to do. The more Australia tries to intervene, the more Indonesia will dig in their heals. I feel for the families, and would never wish this situation on anyone, but I cannot see things changing.

I’d like to be proven wrong, but that is what I feel

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